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How is it that of all the places in town that are for sale and actually better for you, you picked one of the most historical places in Sanbornville ?i worked in retail over ten years and was a manager.So there is so much strangeness in Batman Returns — opening it with the journey of that little floating cradle holding the Penguin, and ending it with an attack on Gotham by an army of rocket-armed live penguins, and all sorts of other stuff — it’s an insane movie and probably one of the most insane blockbuster movies ever made.Why are you coming to Wakefield , Sanbornville New Hampshire when you have a store in Milton ?

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How is that when the PT (part time) employees get more hours then I do?

I asked another girl that worked there what she was like, she looked annoyed but refused to give a comment. The woman’s name is Mindy, and I always avoid going in when she is working, she has often angered me so much I almost said I’d just drive the hour to another store, but everyone else there is really nice and helpful. The idea that a computer would do “almost all of the work” in visual effects was scary, though we now know that computers need people.

Mindy will act helpful if she likes you, but if you say something wrong, she will put you on her list of people to make miserable. It took several years, but computer animation and visual effects are used by hundreds of artists on one film today.

There was a basket on the top shelf I wanted, so I found associate and asked the gentlemen if he could get it for me, in which he was helpful at that point.

When he went to hand me one from a lower shelf, I said that’s not the same item that the stickers on the two baskets did not match.

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