Chatave1 jim currens on dating sites

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I don't know why people are defending such a horrible place unless the posts were made by the chat avenue owner.If you don't think it's a bad place then go into the video chat, on chat-avenue, and pose as a little girl and see how many 30-40 year old men are trying to send you pictures and cam requests for cyber sex.

Stay away from this site, it is a rip off, they have NEVER ending Advertisements and Pop-Ups, there is NO support and the rooms are filled with spammers, flooders, you name it! It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report.I sent them the .00 USD and I received NO Membership, they then decided ban me from the site, this has happened to many other people aswell.They refuse to give you a refund, they have about 20 Pop-Ups on their site.They are a bunch of simple minded assholes, mostly teenagers that when not on line are torturing small animals and insects. I have been a member for four years, I have used the site for almost five years, I have been a Premium member for at least two years maybe a little more.I have been a Moderator for Gay Chat, and have been the Admin for the same room twice.

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