Equestria daily dating sim

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If the word collect is not visible you have already collected this stamp.

There are several stamps to collect for each location!

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A group going by the name of /b/ Game Studios (yes, that /b/) is planning on creating the first MLP Fi M Dating sim based on some pictures that popped up way back when Fi M wasn't an internet phenomenon.

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Whenever you see a passport stamp with the word "collect" click on the image to add to your passport.

Bronybucks can be used to buy things like pizza and pizza.

Infamy The more exciting content that goes on your blog, the more infamous you become. Some unlock at various levels of hits, quality and infamy, others unlock at a number of buildings owned.

EQD Clicker is an uncannily lifelike simulator of the website Equestria Daily.

Thrill as you take the role of brave Sethisto and attempt to carve out a Brony empire and fulfill your lifelong dream of marrying Trixie Clicking gets you hits, but it also might hurt your site quality!

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