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What do you think, are they dating each other or it is just infatuation?

Share your views with us in the comments section below!

When my friends finally introduced me to a guy they were excited about, whom so different than anything I had ever experienced.

Before meeting him, I had worked for so long to be able to have a healthy relationship: working for two and a half years on my sobriety, improving my self-image and confidence, taking dating classes.

The unpredictability of their relationship is so complicated that it is getting on the nerves of the people who are working with them!

Recently, a source from the sets of their romantic drama said: "It's not easy to shoot with these two.

Rebecca Traister has written many times for the on the changing dynamic of female friendships and romantic relationships in the modern age. Intellectual compatibility and love weren't always at the forefront of a romantic union. Now we marry for love, and women face the dilemma of having even their best friendships compete with their relationship because they're both intellectually stimulating.

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Recommended Read: Complete Wedding Album Of Famous Bollywood Actress Hrishita Bhatt And Anand Tiwari We always fail to understand whether the two are dating or they are just friends or they can’t stand each other.

Their on and off relationship is becoming a mystery for all.

When he ended things after four months I felt cheated. While healthy dating didn't protect me from heartbreak, it did set me up to heal and move on healthier and faster than ever before.

Here are three healthy dating habits that helped me move on.

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