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If you’re boarding your dog, understand the specific vaccination policies for each of the kennels you plan on using. Some veterinarians encourage this vaccination – and some discourage it saying that it’s not overly effective. Our perspective is that we admit dogs who are vaccinated according to their veterinarian’s wishes.In the best interest of the dog’s health, we won’t contradict a veterinarian’s recommendation. The Bordatella vaccine is typically given as a nasal spray or injected vaccination with a booster.After a thorough going over, Buddy got his rabies booster vaccination, and both dogs had blood drawn for their annual titer tests. Please consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s health care and vaccination needs.If you want to start a debate between dog people, bring up the topic of food or vaccinations.Last week, I received this note from a former client I worked with in the fall. I'm such a dork, but this makes me feel so, so happy.

(This is not to be confused with the vaccination expiry date – otherwise known as the best before date on the vaccine itself.)Depending on where you live, there are laws that govern rabies vaccination.We like to think about it as being very similar to the flu shot for people. Most often if a dog gets kennel cough, it’s like a person getting a common cold – uncomfortable, but for healthy dogs not life-threatening.Other vaccinations and preventative treatments are more location-based.I feel like some kind of "Love Doctor" TV character. Admittedly, it would be the most boring show ever if it didn't get any "TV wackiness" injected into it. * Scene 4: Jen melts some cheese on a plate and eat it with a fondue fork.(TV AUDIENCE CHEERS)* Scene 5: Jen is back on her laptop and attaches a Word doc to an e-mail.* Scene 6: Jen zones out for a while.* Scene 7: Jen considers having a shower.

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