Quotes dating multiple guys from dating to a relationship

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If you want a job, you interview with different companies you’re just desperate, then you settle for any man that pays you attention.

Women refuse to serial date and have been brainwashed to think of it as a dirty thing.After this poor guy started our chat with a compliment, I went full-on Juliette Barnes and sassed him with a completely unnecessary takedown. This guy was not put off by me starting our relationship by admitting to cheating on him, and even sent me a sparkle emoji. I was hoping for an eventual meet and greet, but clearly this male did not appreciate my weird and confusing compliment.The book of Asshole teaches that a woman will put up with whatever you throw at her if she has no one else to fall back on.You can’t worry about the future, all you can do is live in the now, and the now mandates that he’s nobody special.While he’s trying to prove that he’s somebody special, you have to continue to go out and do you.

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