Sam witwer who is he dating

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WITWER: It’s an interesting thing because death is one of the themes this year.

As far as seeing these people on the show, death isn’t the end.

If the audience accepts it and goes with it, it will be a hell of a ride.

There was definitely an effort made to tie up as much as we possibly could, and to bring in as many people as we loved that we could. There were actors we hadn’t seen for awhile, and actors we hoped we’d see, sooner or later. Even actors who came in that had only a little bit to do, they were so dialed in to their characters.

So, when he spoke his first words as Marcus, we all cheered and clapped.

It must be fun to be on a show where death isn’t necessarily the end of a character, and you can have people come back.

We make a few things that we’ve been hinting at for three years very explicit, in terms of the vampires, for people who have been wondering about it. I think it’s time to go there.” When we started Aidan out, he was largely funny because he was the straight man.

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The events that happen in each season seem to either bring these friends closer together or push them further apart.Collider: This season has a real blend of crazy, dark and fun.SAM WITWER: Yeah, we took the kitchen sink approach this year and did some frankly risky stuff.You don’t know where anything is going, but my feeling about the character, when I started with him, was not to show anyone anything.I wanted to have a bunch of stuff going on, but not clue anyone in, and as time goes on, let them in a little bit more.

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