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It consists of the ideology offering a specific program of action said to remedy the in-group of its predicament and urges its adherents to implement that course of action [5].Ideologies are links between thoughts, beliefs and myths on the one hand, and action on the other hand.The final part will explain why a proper labeling of the Salafi-jihad has important policy implications.The Functions of Ideologies Ideologies have several core functions, of which the first is to raise awareness to a particular group of people that a certain issue deserves their attention.Ideologies explain to that “in-group” why social, political, or economic conditions are as they are.Since individuals often seek explanations in times of crisis, ideologies are particularly appealing when a group of people perceives itself to be in a predicament.

To the in-group, ideology confers identification with a particular cause, and thus a sense of purpose.Secondly, and analogous with the diagnostic function of modern ideologies, the Salafi-jihad identifies the alleged source of Islam’s conundrum in the persistent attacks and humiliation of Muslims on the part of an anti-Islamic alliance of what it terms “Crusaders,” “Zionists” and “apostates.” The third function of the Salafi-jihad also parallels that of other ideologies, namely its attempt at creating a new identity for its adherents.Several scholars have argued that Muslims and Western converts adopting Salafi-jihadist tenets suffer from a crisis of identity [8].Analogous to the first, explanatory function of ideology, the Salafi-jihadists’ goal is to raise awareness among Muslims that their religion has been on the wane.Whereas Islam used to be at its peak during the first centuries of its existence, Salafi-jihadists urge Muslims to understand that the tide has turned, and that Islam is in a constant state of decline in religious, political, military, economic and cultural terms.

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