We tv pregnant and dating

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When I Gchatted a young mom about the show, she typed back one word: "Gross." "If I saw an eight month pregnant person on a date, I'd think, 'Get your shit together,'" said another friend.Even the sweetest person I polled wondered aloud, "If single people can't even get guys, how do pregnant girls get guys? "Men flirt with me way more with me now that I'm pregnant," Megan says on the show.But at the end, a lot of husbands wanted to get physical and it was the last thing the wives wanted to do."These stories actually made Megan feel somewhat lucky to be single and pregnant before giving birth to her daughter, Charlie, last month."I went to yoga every single night the whole way through.

A random poll of friends confirms that dating while pregnant may be the modern-day .The Kardashian-like entry will follow the trio as they entertain celebrity friends and explore their personal problems, including finances and divorce.The six-episode hourlong series will join the schedule on Thursdays in the fall and is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions () with Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein, Steven Greener, Datari Turner, Gordon Bijelnoic, Jeff Jenkins, Melissa Bidwell, Gellert and Mc Donald exec producing."I think men find it really attractive for whatever reason," she added to us."Maybe because they think pregnant girls are taken?

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